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Lunch & Learn with Singularity: Exponential Thinking and Future Technologies

I can't stop thinking about what I learned at the latest Versa Lunch and Learn. A big thank you goes to Nick Davis, VP of Enterprise Solutions and Corporate Innovation at Singularity University (SU), and one of Versa's very own members, who spoke about future technologies and exponential thinking.

Nick captivated and engaged the room filled with a diverse population including designers, accountants, futurists, and executives. One of Nick's and his team's goals is to prepare people for and educate them about future technologies being created now and what the implications will be on, well, everything.

Some key takeaways:

SU has developed an international network that allows them to use global brain power to make innovation spread quickly.

Incumbents are more likely to disrupt industries as long as they invest in the future development.

The speed of change is accelerating. An organization must quickly Observe, Orient, Decide and Take Action or they will be left behind.

Make it tangible and then share it. Create the minimum viable product and then share it with decision makers if you want increase your odds of funding.

Having a better understanding of what one Versa member is striving towards inspires me to find out what more and more Versa members are working on. As Nick suggests, "if you want to be successful in the future, you will need to be willing to keep learning new skills constantly."

I hope to learn right beside you at an upcoming Versa event! Head to our events page to see the exciting programming we have coming up and to register. You never know what you'll learn or who you'll meet.

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Wednesday, 18 September 2019
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