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How to Plan Your Business Event: Getting Started

Chances are, your small business or start-up will need to host an event at some point. However, event planning is multifaceted, with lots of overlapping fine-line details. Since small business owners and managers already wear a lot of hats, adding a party hat to the mix isn't always easy; it can be difficult to know where to begin.

That's why Versa assembled this easy guide to hosting an impactful business event. This is the first installment of this series to get those creative juices flowing. It will help you build a polished, effective business event, step-by-step:

Choose your event type: 

It can be easy to get ahead of yourself in terms of dates and details, and tricky to discern which step should come first in event planning. It's simple: First, choose what the event itself will be, as all other details (event size, time, etc) will be informed by that. For instance:

  • Parties bring people together for product launches, team achievements, end of quarter events, holiday celebrations and more.
  • Meetings allow teams to huddle for events like quarterly offsites, new project kickoffs and board meetings.
  • Workshops and retreats help balance productivity and engagement at events like staff retreats or all-day team offsites.
  • Lunch sessions such as "lunch & learns", new client lunches or brown bag events create opportunities to share ideas, information and a meal
  • ...Or a range of other events. You're only limited by your imagination!

Reserve an event space, then a date and time: 

Many people arbitrarily select a date first, but it's generally advisable to initially explore the most appropriate available spaces for your event, then check to make sure they're available on your preferred date and at your selected time.

Choosing a venue will also help you size your event (for instance, a conference room that seats up to 24 will limit your event to that size) and help you narrow your refreshment options to that which is available and appropriate to the space.

Wait to send save-the-date info until a venue (and date/time) has been officially reserved and confirmed. Allow plenty of lead time for calendar invite rsvps.

Versa offers a range of options, from intimate huddle rooms and cozy lounges to conference rooms, cafe-style conversation spaces, and large loft style studios. Every detail is designed with purpose; each is uniquely curated to evoke a distinct style or feeling in a way most competitors don't. We can help you find just the right space for your next event. Simply book a tour with our Director of Hospitality, Julia Sanders.

Decide on details and flow: 

Once the time and place are set, it's time to plan the event itself. Consider your goals and guest list: for instance, a group of senior executives may value different venues or amenities than young creatives. Will you serve light refreshments or a catered meal? Are there A/V or furniture set-up requirements such as a lectern, dry-erase board or tables and centerpieces?

We can take care of all the planning set up, catering orders, etc, or let you run the show. We offer a full spectrum of service options for every budget, from full-service event planning to self-service event space rental.

Explains Sanders, "We not only offer a variety of contemporary, reservable spaces, we also work personally with each client to bring their event vision to life, providing top-notch amenities and beautiful design. We're here to help as much, or as little, as requested."

Prepare and execute all marketing, communications and promotion details: 

Be sure to communicate early and often with your invited guests, from calendar event updates and promotion to the event's program or agenda. Design and order any needed promotional materials, leave-behinds or related print materials well in advance.

When planning your next business event, let Versa help you plan smarter. Our best-in-class space includes all the essentials plus tailored extras, in a warm, modern, amenity-rich venue that will wow even the most discerning client.

Ready to plan your next event? Check out Versa's event spaces by scheduling a tour. 

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