The Works

The Works

Introducing Versa Arena District!

As many of you know, we opened our second Versa location just after Labor Day. You'll find us at 305 W. Nationwide Boulevard, right at the corner of Neil Avenue in the heart of Columbus' Arena District.

Being in two locations offers advantages to our members. If you're usually based in Grandview but need to be downtown for the day, you're welcome to use the open work space at the Arena District location, or the other way around.

Did you know that Versa Arena District adds four meeting rooms for you as well? Huddle Rooms A and B are similar to the 4-person meeting rooms in Grandview. "The Arena" is similar in size to Grandview's Board Room and "The Pen" is more intimate, like Grandview's Control Tower. 

Rooms at both locations are bookable online.

The color palette at Arena District is full of rich earth tones, with pops of blue and exposed brick throughout. Two gold chairs which were discovered at an estate sale by Versa's founder, April Zimmerman Katz, now reside on the mezzanine. April also hand-picked the striking lighting fixtures, from the dangling glitter tubes in the café to the giant brass kettle-drum overheads in the main room. And you never know where you might find a hidden gem.

We're right in the vibrant center of Columbus' entertainment sector, just steps from Huntington Park, Express Live! and Nationwide Arena, but once you step inside, you'll see that Versa Arena District puts the "work" in "coworking". Designed with your productivity in mind, the space is much smaller than Grandview and is primarily comprised of private offices, already furnished and sized for individuals up to teams of eight. Glass fronts let the sunlight in, while privacy glazing doubles as a white board. You can set up and get right down to business on day one.

What about parking, you ask? Fear not – we have surface lots on the north and south sides of our building. These are operated by ParkMobile for easy reservations and pay-in-app parking. Versa's Zone number is 1730. Versa Members also have the option to purchase a discounted-rate monthly parking pass, which grants daily access to either lot.

Whichever Versa you choose, rest assured our team will be on hand to make sure the snacks are fresh, the coffee is hot, and you have the services you need to start your day.

Happy coworking!

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Monday, 23 September 2019
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