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Lunch and Learn with Jay Clouse: How to Acquire Referrals for Client-Based Businesses

Jay Clouse shares how to get more client referrals for your business.

 Jay Clouse, Founder of Unreal Collective and creator of Freelancing School, presented our August lunch and learn, where he shared his knowledge of acquiring referrals for client-based businesses with Versa members and guests.

Jay's approach involves skipping to the middle of the sales funnel by utilizing the advocates you already have (and create every day) to be your EYES and EARS. He coaches people to Establish Your Elevator Speech, then use it when speaking to others, Empowering Advocates (to) Refer Sales. Your elevator speech should be short and specific – I help (x) do (y), making it easier for other people to convey it to their contacts.

When you do good work and your friends and contacts love what you do and know how to communicate it to others, they will send meaningful referrals your way.

Couldn't make it? You can check out Jay's presentation here. 

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Wednesday, 23 October 2019
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