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How a Virtual Office Solution Can Help You Grow Your Business

The way people and companies do business is quickly evolving. In fact, a majority of today's small businesses are not located in a traditional office or storefront, but rather, are now operated from a home office, a co-working space or another virtual set-up. If your business keeps you on the go, and you do not require (or want) the steep overhead of a brick-and-mortar workplace, a virtual office membership can help keep you connected and competitive.

Still, small business owners and startups may not realize all of the useful benefits that virtual office solutions and services offer.

What Are Virtual Offices and What Do They Offer?

A virtual office is a packaged combination of services and/or technology designed to alleviate the need for remote-based businesses to bear the capital expenses associated with a traditional office. From saving time and money on daily commutes to utility costs, virtual offices help remote businesses work smarter.

These services typically include:

  • Business mail services, including:
    • A physical address for you to list on business correspondences and listings
    • Mail forwarding
    • Mail storage
    • Package Signing
  • Virtual Receptionist Services, including:
    • Answering
    • Forwarding
    • Faxing

How Can a Virtual Office Help Me Grow My Business?

The administrative services that virtual offices provide allow you to focus on growing your business. These amenities are not just merely cushy conveniences, they are carefully designed to save you valuable time, money and energy. A virtual office can even maximize your business' capacity to win and retain clients by offering an experience on par with a much larger business or agency.

For instance, a sole proprietor graphic designer can use virtual office services to make a great first impression. The designer can offer the experience of a much larger firm, but for a tiny fraction of the cost. They can do this by projecting stability with a mailer that lists a prestigious, easily recognized business address to wowing potential clients with professional phone services. Without these services, the accomplished graphic designer could come off as amateur by lacking a recognizable business address and using a personal line as a business phone number.

In addition to the services and status that a virtual office provides, it also allows you to be mobile. While you are growing your business, you are likely working around the clock, even when you are on "vacation" or need to be out of state or country. With a virtual office you are free to work wherever you need or want to, while still taking advantage of the perks that come with a stationary address. Even better, your important documents and packages will be safely waiting for you when you return.

Versa Elevates Your Business

Versa is designed with you in mind; both of our locations provide addresses on well-known streets that provide a "high-profile" feel to your business correspondences. If you are ready to elevate your business, or if you have additional questions about our offerings, contact us here.

Versa offers multiple memberships to provide the perfect range of services to small businesses and startups. In addition to our Virtual Membership, we also offer flexible and affordable Community and Coworking membership options that provide remote businesses access to workspaces, meeting rooms, and even more amenities. 

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