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What is Coworking, Anyway?

Just about eighteen months ago, I first heard about coworking when April Zimmerman Katz announced she was thinking of starting a new business. It made sense immediately: not only what coworking is (what a great idea!), but that she would be diving into this relatively nascent industry. 

Once I signed on with Versa, it became my privilege to tell people what my next move would be. People from all over the country smiled at me in a way that showed they weren't understanding, but trying to be gracious. I would always follow up with, "Are you familiar with coworking?" I don't think I received a single affirmative answer.
It became my job to educate about coworking and the perks that come with this kind of office choice. It continues to be my job, and I love it. Every person who walks into Versa and says, "what is this place?" brings a smile to my face. I enjoy showing the space, sharing my members' stories and unique experiences. I love seeing members working side by side, from different industries and backgrounds, coming together in the café for a conversation about their weekends around the fruit-infused water cooler. I love seeing people come in for an event, and look up and around with a little bit of awe and surprise. I am positively tickled when two members who didn't previously know each other head out the door to lunch together. 

This is what coworking is: a place to work and network, where you can host your meeting or event for 4 people or 150 people. It's a space to grow your business, to dream up the next big idea, to hide out from the other people in your office and amp up your productivity. And it's yours, which is the most exciting aspect of all. 

I am so pleased and proud of the community of talent we have gathered here at Versa. I hope you'll visit us to see for yourself.

Versa Joins the League of Extraordinary Coworking ...
Introducing Versa Arena District!


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Saturday, 23 March 2019

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